CD details for Never Mind The Bullocks Ere's The Wurzels

TitleNever Mind The Bullocks Ere's The Wurzels
Length (minutes)41:16
Number of tracks10
CDDB entry revision2
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Number Title Artist Length (minutes)
1 Ooh-Aah Just A Little Bit Wurzels 3:29
2 You're Gorgeous Wurzels 3:31
3 Dead From The Waist Down Wurzels 4:06
4 Country House Wurzels 3:34
5 Don't Look Back In Anger Wurzels 3:35
6 Why Does It Always Rain On Me Wurzels 4:05
7 Tubthumping Wurzels 4:00
8 Come On Santa Wurzels 3:23
9 Rock D.J. Wurzels 3:31
10 It Wasn't Me Wurzels 7:54