CD details for 9 Red Songs

Title9 Red Songs
ArtistChris T-T
Length (minutes)32:43
Number of tracks10
CDDB entry revision0
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Number Title Artist Length (minutes)
1 Bankrupt Chris T-T 2:29
2 Tony's Heart Chris T-T 3:52
3 A Plague On Both Your Houses Chris T-T 4:21
4 The Huntsman Comes A-Marchin' Chris T-T 3:20
5 M1 Song Chris T-T 2:55
6 The Court of You Chris T-T 3:54
7 Oh... The Press (for Paul Dacre) Chris T-T 3:06
8 admit one Chris T-T 2:18
9 Simmer Down, Simmer Down Chris T-T 3:51
10 Preaching To The Converted Chris T-T 2:29