Mar 11 2006



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Another redesign. This time with BlogPower™. Not sure what will happen about content. Probably will get content until I get bored, then wither.

It seems that I haven't been updating my website as often as I should. There's a lot of information that I want to share with people, but I haven't come up with a simple way of getting it all across.

In the mean time, there is a menu to the left there <--

The reason most people have web pages I do not know, however I do like to be able to find out about people by looking at their web pages. I am less interested to find out about their gerbil though. It is like Internet spying, but spying on what they want you to know. So that people can find a little about me I have written these pages.

My PGP/GPG key is available as this file

There is a more blog-style diary here

Recent Changes

Collecting free postcode data

Could you spare two minutes to locate your house/workplace on a online map, and type in your postcode?

The downside is that you have to find your house on old maps. The upside is that you get to look at old maps.

Why? To help build a free-to-use database that links Postcode to Latitude/Longitude - something desperately needed in the UK.

Over the last month I've been working on a website to collect the locations of postcodes. Update: It is here

The idea is to use out-of-copyright OS maps, and to get people to locate their home on the map, and specify the postcode. Get enough people to do it (perhaps for their workplace too), and you will have a not-perfect-but-good-enough-for-most-purposes database that anybody will be free to use.

We have even had an article in the Gurdian and a mention by Ed Parsons at the Ordinance Survey.

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