[E3-hacking] Opie on the E3 woes...

David Ford david at hu.gs
Tue Aug 29 20:33:31 BST 2006

Brendan Berney wrote:
> Hi everyone,
Hi Brendan,

> 	Anyway, with a view to this I plodded off to OpenEmbedded and started
> playing. At first I manually patched the OE snapshot using David Ford's
> patches and managed to build the uImage, bootstrap image and a
> (massively cut down) Opie image. My first problem at that stage was, and
> still is, how to get the E3 to 'see' the rootfs. Here is what I did:
Right, yes, I have never managed to get the system to boot directly off
a USB memory stick unfortunately, but you may have more luck than I did!

If you can't get it working, there are two ways I've got around this,
the simple one is to create a bootstrap image that you initially load as
a ramdisk, and
to mount your USB memory stick and chroot to it. The more complicated
method is to put Opie on the built in NAND
flash and boot from it that way. I have had both working, and should
probably update my patches and improve the
documentation for doing both with the patches! unfortunately I am
currently in the middle of both writing a
dissertation and moving this week, so it'll probably be a couple of
weeks before I'm in a position to do much more E3 stuff.

> At the u-boot command line, I issued the following:
> setenv bootargs mem=32M root=/dev/sda0 rootfstype=ext2

wouldn't the root be /dev/sda1, not sda0?

> My second problem is that, having noticed that recent OE snapshots no
> incorporate the work to date, I set off to try with one of those and
> rashly deleted my working snapshot... Anyway whilst I can get (with much
> fiddling) a UImage and bootstrap image built, I cannot get an Opie image
> anymore :-(. There seem to be many clashes between certain parts (such
> as bluetooth support) and the newer kernel. Does anyone have a recent OE
> snapshot that works and is prepared to put it up here?
I've not had chance to update my patches for a few months, once things
calm down here, I intend to do so
and to try and get some of the patches submitted upstream.


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